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So since I haven’t been blogging, what have I been doing instead?

Window Office

Well, as usual, I’ve managed to find way too many things to fill my plate. Summer semester was supposed to be a breeze but I’ve taken up some “extra-curricular activities” that have kept me really busy.

For one, I’ve joined Red Team, Carnegie Mellon’s entry in the DARPA Grand Challenge. Along with hacking C for the computer-controlled gimbal upon which the machine’s primary LIDAR sensor is mounted, I’ve also been recruited for lots of other little tasks like taking photos, administering Linux servers, and mucking around with carbon fiber.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in some sailing this summer. Last weekend I did Detroit NOODs, and I’ll also be doing the Lake Huron Doublehanded Challenge with my father and the Port Huron - Mackinac race with some friends.

All that along with my practicum project (think of it as a “thesis project” for my masters program), my independent study, and a miscellaneous class has kept me pretty busy.

No rest for the weary…