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Daniel Adams finally hit the nail square on the head in todays Michigan Daily:

When I heard that there was a new student group on campus, Student Voices in Action, I was excited. In response to the proposed cuts to several key student services, SVA coordinated large student protests on the Diag and outside the Fleming Administration Building. Shockingly, they had a coherent message. They oppose the changes to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center. They oppose funding cuts to the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs. They want Trotter House to finally get the funding to renovate. They demand increased student representation at the administrative level. Check, check and check. To top it off, they have a great slogan: "Royster cut student services and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." I was so excited, my little liberal heart started going pitter-patter. Then they broke it in two. After meeting with several of their organizers, I realized that some of their other assertions range from the highly debatable to the completely outrageous. They claim the University isn't committed to diversity, despite a multi-year, multi-million dollar defense of its race-conscious admission policies. They want the University to give students more than a say in the administrative process, with veto power, yes, veto power, over decisions regarding student affairs.

The SVA basically spat in the face of the administration on Monday. They exist for the same reason as 70% of the other “student groups” on this campus: to make unreasonable demands for the single purpose of getting rejected and gaining more ammo to generate more press for their radical messages. Drives me nuts.

Goodspeed Update has Mary Sue Coleman’s response.