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Time to out myself. I’ve recently been fascinated by the “EDC community” (no, it is not an offshoot of the “seduction community”), and I finally decided to do a pocket dump for Everyday Carry.

A few notes on some items beyond what I posted on EDC:

  • The Gerber Crucial Multitool is simply the best daily carry multitool I’ve found yet. Yes, I’ve got a giant SOG Power Lock that I could rewire a nuclear power plant with, but the Crucial has been my daily companion for years.
  • Yes, the iPhone 6+ is giant. It’s everything you’ve always loved about the iPhone and slightly too much of it. But I love it. And the Magpul Field Case is exactly the right combination of protection, compactness, and tacticool.
  • Until you carry a flashlight with you constantly, you don’t realize just how often you need a flashlight.