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Remember back when blogs were new and cool and you’d post everything you did, even if it was a mildly-embarassing failure that barely compiled? Back before Twitter, Medium, and professional bloggers, when everybody was still figuring it out and it was OK if it wasn’t perfect?

Yeah, me too. My blog archives are a clear example of that.

Now nobody seems to blog anymore. I’ll go months if not years between posts. I’ll tweet the hell out of stuff. I’ll fill my Github activity stream up like it’s a Scantron sheet. But I never blog anymore.

Ship It!

Why is that? At the API Craft conference last week, after Kin Lane’s awesome session on storytelling, we got talking about it. I think a lot of it boils down to fear and self-criticism. Fear of putting something out if it’s not your best work. Self-criticism that leads us to say it’s “just not good enough”.

Well, I’m going to try my best to put and end to those feelings, at least around my own work. I think you should too. Let’s ship it, and see what happens. Maybe it’ll go well, maybe it’ll suck. But at least we tried something.