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A few weeks ago I finished my latest batch of beer, this time a nice Scottish Ale. Angry Scottsman The results were quite good, and the whole process was much smoother than the last batch. I had very willing helpers for the boil (my parents) and for bottling (my girlfriend) which helped a lot. I also switched to a “pump-style” racking cane, which eliminated the painful siphoning process I struggled through last time. Racking I’m very happy with the beer itself, and my friends seem to love it as well. It came out a bit maltier than I was hoping for, I think primarily because the primary fermentation went a few days faster than I was planning. It did have a bit of hidden hoppyness to it, but I think next time I’ll pick a lighter malt than the chocolate malt I used and throw in an extra couple ounces of hops for good measure.