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For months, whenever I’ve gone to see a show at Belltown’s venerable music venue The Crocodile Cafe, I’ve looked around longingly and said “You know, in 5 years this will be a sushi bar or some yuppie’s fcking condo.” Little did I know that it would all too soon turn out to be true. The Crocodile Yesterday the buzz started hitting the Seattle blogs about the possibility that the Croc was shutting down shop for good. It seems that completely out of nowhere, in the midst of a rush to book their spring lineup, the owners simply decided to call it quits. Even the employees were shocked, finding out just over a week before Christmas that they were out of a job. Hipster Vigil I stopped by on my walk home just to see if the rumors were true. As far as I can tell, they are. The lights are out, the stools neatly stacked, and there’s no sign of life other than the familiar green sign out front. I thought the small candlelight vigil out front was a nice touch. I chatted with a few other sad Croc fans who happened to walk by, and everybody seems pretty pissed. A friend of mine who works in the real estate industry says that the money for new condo developments is pretty much dried up because of the mortgage crisis, and that there’s nothing on record about any development going in on that block, so maybe we’re lucky and they really did just run out of money. Maybe we can cook up some sort of “Save the Croc” fund or another local venue owner will step up and take over the reigns. In a while, Crocodile The block between the Croc and Mama’s Mexican Cafe is the last holdout of the “Old Belltown”, before it became all $700,000 condos and trendy sushi bars. I’ve always imagined that when they came for the Croc that the hipsters would all ride their track bikes down to 2nd & Blanchard and lie down in front of the bulldozers. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it would be quite the sight. Well, here’s to progress! Sushi bars and fcking condos! Update: Well, its real. Here’s an article in the P-I detailing the chain of events that foretold its eventual downfall…