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I have a confession to make…

Full Sail

I’m a beer snob. I’ve never been a big fan of lagers. Generally I’ve found that most of them taste the same - fairly boring, like beer I drank in college. Sure, there are occasional standouts, but nothing I’ve really stuck with. I’m more of an ale guy.

But Full Sail has proven me wrong with their “LTD Series” Limited Edition Lager. Just hoppy enough to be interesting, yet light and smooth enough that it goes down easy. Its reasonably priced but hard to find - I’ve only found it in six packs at larger Safeways and I doubt you’ll find it outside the Pacific Northwest - but its a winner indeed. Something to add to the rotation whenever you can find it.

I’m going to continue reviewing good beers as I find them. Its something that makes me happy and I figure it’ll be a good non-geek addition to my blog. Let me know if you enjoy it.