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So I’ve discovered a new delicacy - Asian canned coffees.

Across the street from my office is the Seattle branch of Uwajimaya, a chain of Asian grocery stores. Suffering from a long week of long days at work, I decided to check out new and exciting sources of caffeine. The Japanese are masters at the art of delivery my favorite stimulant in new and creative ways.

Hello Boss

What I discovered was a whole aisle full of canned coffees. I settled on “Hello Boss”, a Taiwanese brand I picked mainly for the entertaining cartoon of what I think is supposed to be an Italian man, but I’m not quite sure. I picked the “Mocha Latte” flavor because I figured it was the safest.

To my surprise, it ended up being absolutely delicious. I’d say it was about 90% as good as those Starbucks “Doubleshot” drinks, but 50% larger and only $0.65 instead of $2.99.

Next I think I need to try out some competing brands, including “Mr. Brown” and the cans that don’t even have any English on them…