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So this evening, some friends and I went to check out the Ignite Seattle “unconference” up in Capitol Hill here in Seattle.

Ignite Seattle!

Overall, we were all incredibly impressed. The “unconference” format was excellent - short 5 minute presentations, all on very interesting topics, kept things flowing quickly and you never got bored. Plus, easy access to beer never hurts.

Some of the excellent presenters included:

  • RealityAllStarz (freaking sweet, I already have an account)
  • Biznik, business social networking
  • The Darfur Wall (Go. Donate. Now!)
  • Scott “The Closer” Ruthfield from, on how Amazon doesn't suck as much as you think
  • Rob Flickenger with HackerFriendly, on "book sprints" and print-on-demand

I’ll be at the next one. For sure.