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ValleySchwag 3

ValleySchwag 3

I have to say I was pretty excited about ValleyShwag. As an avid shwag-hound and a self-declared Web 2.0 geek (even though I work for what is technically more of a Web 1.0 company), the idea of getting a monthly care package full of goodies from cool Bay Area tech companies sounded pretty neat. Even at $15/mo, I signed up as soon as I read about it on Boing Boing.

Yesterday I got my ValleySchwag 3. And I’m not that impressed.

After getting double billed for a ValleySchwag 2 that I never received (they shipped it to the wrong address even though I corrected my address with them and in my account), I get a ValleySchwag 3 that’s not nearly as cool as everybody else got in the first two ‘schwags.

I guess the Laughing Squid and EFF stickers are cool though. I did get two t-shirts, although I could swear I put my size in as large instead of medium. When I checked my account I was listed as medium though, so maybe something was changed.

I understand that they must be going through some serious growing pains, what with going from like 30 subscribers to several thousand in a month. And two t-shirts alone is a lot to ask for when you’re only paying $15/mo. But I would have swapped one of the t-shirts for another handfull of stickers or some other fun stuff.