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ScuttlebuttIf you’re a competitive sailor, you can’t get much better news than what you’ll get every day from Scuttlebutt. The problem is that it’s an email list, and if you get as much email as me, the last thing you need is one more email to read.

But one thing I do spend some time reading each day is my blog RSS feeds. I use Bloglines, a free online feed reader. Recently I discovered a great feature in Bloglines where you can get a custom email address to turn periodic email lists into feeds in your bloglines account.

Instructions below the jump…

  1. Click the "Add" link under the "My Feeds" tab in the sidebar to open up the "Subscribe" page in the main frame.
  2. Click the "Email Groups" link to add a new email group.
  3. From here you can add Yahoo or Google Groups lists directly, or you can click the "Create an Email Subscription" link to add a custom list. For Scuttlebutt, click this link.
  4. Bloglines will create a new subscription based on a custom email address. From here you can also change the name of the subscription and the folder it shows up in. Save that email address for later and click the "Create Email Subscription" button.
  5. You're supposed to just be able to subscribe to the email list using the custom email address directly, but that didn't work for me with Scuttlebutt. So I ended up setting up GMail to automatically forward Scuttlebutt mails to the Bloglines email address. You should be able to do the same with other mail clients.


Update: If you didn’t know it already, Scuttlebutt also has a more “casual” blog called the Scuttleblog.