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My half-mile walk from where I work to where I have to catch my bus home at night takes me through Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is a nice district south of downtown with lots of great restauraunts, book stores, and art galleries. A great place to hang out during the day. But on weekday nights it gets a bit sketchier. There are a number of homeless shelters in the area, so theres this huge influx of homeless people looking for dinner and a place to sleep for the night. The majority of them don’t give me any trouble, but occasionally you encounter one that is kind of strange. Like the fellow I ran into tonight. I was on the phone with my bank (my bank card was accidentally swapped with somebody elses at the bar last night) while walking to the bus stop. All of a sudden this big pissed off homeless guy comes running out of nowhere yelling gibberish, chases me down, and roundhouse kicks me square in the ass. Then he walked away yelling more random cuss words at me. And thats my random Seattle story for the week.