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You know what sucks?
You know what sucks?

Have you ever had one of those days when you realize that there are forces in the world that refuse to make things easy for you?

... Well I just had one.

I was called in earlier tonight to help get some work I did for Red Team earlier this term as we get ready to deploy and test our part of the system. I had my laptop sitting on the hood of the vehicle (a robotic Humvee) while I worked and I stepped away for a moment.

Just about then one of my teammates ran by to hop up on the robot to fix something and inadvertently knocked my laptop from off the hood about 5 feet to the hard concrete floor.

I have less than a week before my practicum project (effectively my masters thesis) must be completed.

The screen, as you can see, is absolutely destroyed. The lid is actually bent enough that it does not close without being forced.

But the machine boots and the disk checks cleanly. If that's not a testament to the quality of IBM Thinkpads, I don't know what is.

I'm not angry at the teammate who knocked it off. We all make mistakes. Insurance should cover its replacement (hopefully I'll get a Powerbook out of the deal). Its just an extremely inopportune time to lose full use of my laptop.