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Apparently I’m a productivity guru now:

"I really need to spend a day sitting down doing the Chris Metcalf lifehacks thing, and organizing all my projects into folders and such..." - A friend of a friend in a forwarded email.

Whenever people take an interest in the nerdy little hacks I post, I’m quite surprised and flattered. So I’ve decided to start posting more Lifehacks. If this kind of stuff interests you, please leave me a comment and let me know how you feel.

So stay tuned for more fun hacks.

Update: By the way, I’m not the only desperate, productivity-challenged geek out there doing this stuff. By no means did I start this, I’m just another hipster with a stack of 3x5 cards. There are lots of other great resources for Lifehacks and Lifehacks-compatible ideas:

  • 43folders - Merlin didn't start it all, but he sure has done a good job of bringing lots of good ideas together. The site is a bit Mac-bigoted, but then again everybody is these days. Also home to a great wiki where a lot of folks have posted great ideas.
  • Lifehacker - Way too many ads, but the RSS feed leaves those out. Lifehacker tends to aggregate ideas from a lot of other sites so its a good one to watch for ideas.
  • Working Smart - A great productivity blog for managers or wanna-be-managers.
  • Slacker Manager - Also with a management focus, but a little more easy-going.
  • Flickr - Surprisingly, there are a lot of good tags with some great Lifehacks and GTD-compatible ideas.

Oh, and pick up a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Right now.