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I know everybody else will be doing it, but I figured I’d post some thoughts as well.

The nice thing about doing this on a Tivo is you can pause, rewind, and catch up with the live broadcast.

9:07PM - If only Tivo could fast forward through all the clapping…

9:10PM - Elections in Iraq/Afganistan = good

9:11PM - Its like a Blue & Gold Dinner, everyone has to clap for everything (come on you ex-Cub Scouts, you know what I’m talking about).

9:13PM - Fiscal responsibility… Right side of the aisle stands and claps, left side grumbles. Any surprises yet?

9:16PM - I think the Democrats must have hurt their hands clapping at the beginning. They look unhappy.

9:18PM - Ooh… Hydrogen cars are back!

9:20PM - Temporary worker permits. Something I really really agree with. Maybe I’ll post more on this another time. (Notice the Dems still don’t stand…)

9:21PM - Ok he’s pulled the Social Security card. Lets see how he plays it.

9:24PM - He’s explaining the problems with Social Security very well here… I wish more people understood this.

9:25PM - …of course, his explanation is met with grumbles and bitching from the left side of the audience. Boys, this is Congress, not Parliament.

9:29PM - I’m starting to really like the personal investment account thing. Unfortunately, for those who believe that “investing is only for rich people,” it’ll probably only come across as some sort of tax shelter for the wealthy. I think that will be one of their biggest challenges in getting it passed.

9:30PM - Ok I start my career in the fall. When can I start depositing?

9:32PM - Be careful with the whole anti-gay-marriage thing. You just lost a point or two…

9:35PM - At this point it appears my Tivo remote has stopped working. I’m now stuck about 7 minutes behind and I don’t want to reboot…

9:39PM - Ok… Moving on to terrorism.

9:41PM - I’m surprised how little time he’s spending directly on terrorism this time. He seems to be approaching it from more of a safety/freedom direction.

9:43PM - Technically, by advancing the spread of democracy in the Middle East, we ARE “imposing our style of government” on them. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that.

9:47PM - “Weapons of Mass Murder” is the new “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Catchy, I like the allteration.

9:49PM - I think for the next SOTU the audience members need to wear red or blue ties depending on which party they’re from. It’ll help us figure out who’s who.

9:50PM - Whats up with the dudes with the blue fingers? Indelible ink in the Iraqi elections?

9:52PM - Ah yes, Sophia has the blue finger too. It is an election thing. We should do that here, instead of those dumb “I voted” stickers.

9:58PM - Flugerville. I bet that isn’t part of the SOTU drinking game.

10:02PM - Great ending!! Rebooting…

… Time travel to the Democratic Response …

10:11PM - Rep. Slaughter (D - New York) seems to think there’s nothing at all wrong with Social Security. And when asked if she could agree with anything he said he had planned, she ignored them and started talking about how if we could do stem cell research and everyone could be a scientist, we’d have no problem making up the extra wages we need to fix Social Security… But I thought nothing was wrong with it?

10:16PM - Democratic Response: When Bush wants to do things our way, we’ll be “non-partisan.” But when he decides to do things his way (when he gets “off track”), we’ll be there to “hold him accountable” (and stonewall anything he proposes).

10:18PM - Yep, there’s the “its just a rich man’s tax escape” response. And since when does God advocate the redistribution of wealth? And what about that “separation of church and state”? Stop talking about God so much. Who do you think you are, Bush?

10:19PM - This is too damn sappy.

10:23PM - So what are you saying that he didn’t just say?

10:24PM - Do you realize how much the shopping list you just rattled off will cost? If he were to actually buy all that stuff you’d accuse him of being “fiscally irresponsible” and overestimating the danger of terrorism. And half of it is the responsibility of state and local government anyway!

10:25PM - You’re throwing our money out in handfulls again. And you said the “faith” word. Bad Democrat! Bad! Bad!

10:26PM - We need to protect the Constitution and the ideas contained in it? THEN STOP MAKING THINGS UP THAT AREN’T IN IT!

… blah blah blah, same old same old …

10:47PM - Democrats: The party of not trusting the American people to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to their hard-earned money.

For a party that keeps talking about how we need to be “non-partisan,” they can’t seem to ever play nice with the Republicans.

If you’re wondering what network I was watching on, I started out on CSPAN and then switched to NBC for the Democratic Response. Don’t ask my why I picked NBC, it was simply the first channel I found after I rebooted my Tivo.