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Well, its that time of the year again. As a responsible blogger, I feel I’m supposed to post something deep and intellectual about today’s election.

It’s going to be ugly. If the election is anything even approximating “close” (especially if it’s in favor of Bush) we’re not going to find out who won until January. This morning the media was already complaining about the Republican monitors in Ohio and the evil punch-card ballots. The litigation is going to start tomorrow and last until they either lose all their appeals or the election is reversed in favor of Kerry.

In the meantime, I’m going to watch the polls and be hopeful. Most of all I just want it to be clean. I don’t think I could handle another 4 years of election bitching.

Some good URLs to watch for coverage on todays events:

  • - It took me until this morning to notice that he was pro-Kerry, so I guess that qualifies him as fairly well balanced. He's got a great red/blue state electoral college map and has promised to stay up all night keeping it updated live.
  • - Comon... its Glenn Reynolds. If anybody will have up-to-date coverage of all the blows, it'll be Instapundit.
  • - Slanted, yes, but its not CNN.

Update: Somehow I managed to completely miss that the mind behind was Andrew Tanenbaum, the inventor of the MINIX operating system, precursor to Linux.