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Well, my trip to Las Vegas was successful. Although I didn’t cover the cost of my trip with my gambling winnings (the only gambling I did was playing slots for free beer), I did have a kick ass time.

Instead of doing the tourist thing with the girls, a few of us snuck off to Defcon 12, the annual (and controversial) computer security convention. Some of the highlights included:

Amazingly, both my laptop and I survived the whole affair. I connected to the warzone that is the Defcon network without being cracked or landing on the Wall of Sheep. However, I did get portscanned at least 4 times and somebody even attempted to crack me via Bluetooth. I’d like to thank SSH and iptables for keeping me safely encrypted and happily firewalled.

I’ve got a whole bunch of notes I took down in a wiki while I was at the convention. I’ll get them up as soon as possible.