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Last week I finally moved into my new studio apartment. Its about what you’d expect for $875/mo with utilities near downtown San Jose: partitioned out of an older house in one of the “older” neighborhoods in town, with heavily replastered and repainted old walls and architecture straight out of the 60’s.

But its still awesome to finally have a place of my own. For me, it couldn’t be better. Its got great old hardwood floors, which I love. As studios go, its pretty large, and its even got a backyard. Its also in the “student ghetto” area near San Jose State, so its close to lots of cheap restaurants and convenience stores and only a few blocks from downtown, so I can finally ride my bike to the coffee shops or the light-rail station. Most importantly, its all mine.

Update: I stole the lamps from my friend. I’m not nearly that stylish. Or strange.