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I’m sure by now everybody’s heard about the killings in Fallujah.

I’m just about sick of liberals saying we should get out of Iraq. I think they live on another planet.

Sure, let’s get out of Iraq. Let’s let them rot, let them continue to kill each other. Hell, lets arm them. We can make some money on the deal. We can film it, make it into a giant reality TV show.

If we leave the Middle East, in two years it will become an even worse hell than it is now. And you know what happens when “innocent civilians” in other countries are being killed in the name of religion or politics? The liberals start crying and say “Somebody should do something, somebody should stop them!”

And who do they turn to? The UN. But the UN doesn’t have the balls, the teeth, to stand up to groups that believe in nothing other than violence and killing. They’ll roll in in their white troop carriers and their blue helmets, force the two sides to come to some sort of “agreement”. Things will be quiet for awhile, and then they’ll roll out, thinking everything is fine. And then the same old arguments, the same old hatreds will spring back to life and they’ll start killing each other again.

I’d love to see groups like the UN be able to magically keep the peace in the world, but thats just not possible right now. The only way to end evil is to destroy it.

Sometimes the only way to calm the serpent is to cut off its head.