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So I finished The Last Jihad last night.

I think there are a few important lessons we should all learn from the book:

  • If you're going to commit treason and aid terrorists in their plot to assassinate the president, make sure you use AOL. And don't even think about encrypting anything. And when you delete an email, its instantly gone forever.
  • Everybody uses Blackberries to communicate. And they've always got a perfect signal.
  • And they never use capital letters. They don't need to.
  • Not even the president.
  • And if you're an evil traitor, have all your emails forwarded from AOL to your Blackberry.
  • The best way to keep the Israelis and Palestinians from killing each other is to promise them lots of money.
  • When the Secret Service secures a route for the presidential motorcade, they will won't notice the FBI snipers hiding in nearby buildings.
  • Everyone is really religious and prays a lot, except for the token Democrat.
  • And finally, the Iraqis are fully capable of secretly constructing and hiding a nuclear armed ICBM bunker inside a hollowed out hospital in downtown Baghdad.