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For the last 4 hours or so I’ve been doing something I haven’t taken the time to do for months… read a book.

My father gave me a copy of The Last Jihad, by Joel C. Rosenberg. I’m halfway through and I’ve already concluded that this is the most Republican work of fiction ever written.

After the first few pages, its already set up quite the Republican fantasy: A Republican elected by a landslide after W’s second term, strong economy, massive tax cuts, America safe from terrorism while those crazy Europeans are still getting their butts kicked…

As a book, it fits the mold of books I really enjoy reading. Techno-thriller, lots of guns, secret missions, and all that James Bond jazz.

But there have been more than a few “hey wait a second!” moments in the first half of the book. Like the fact that they seem pretty serious about the whole “nuke Iraq” plan, and a pretty unabashed endorsement of the Carnivore program. Some of them are pretty funny, while the rest of them make you want to shake your head. Theres nothing wrong with writing for a target audience, but this reads like a Bill O’Reilly fiction novel.

But hell, it must be good, since I’ve been reading it non-stop for 4 hours.