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I'm a technologist, software developer, and all-around nerd based in Seattle, Washington

Over the last eight years I’ve had the pleasure of helping Socrata grow from a tiny startup to a 200 person company. A long the way, I’ve filled many of the roles a small startup needs help with most – from project management and team leadership, to sales engineering, to customer support.

As we helped to grow the open data movement, I transparency to governments around the world, launched dozens of our early customers, and led the development of our core open data product. I still know many of our early customers by first name, and count them amoungst my friends and colleagues.

Now I get to serve the community I’m most passionate about - our network of civic developers - as our Director of Developer Experience. I create technical content, developer tools like API Foundry and our collection of libraries, SDKs, and developer samples. I’ve organized, mentored at, and judged dozens of civic hackathons, and spoken about open data and APIs at conferences like API Days Paris, the API Strategy & Practice series, and the International Open Government Data Conference.

Outside of work, I occupy myself with sailboat racing, photography, and dabbling in numerous personal projects. I live in Seattle with my awesome (and understanding) wife, kick ass dog, and a couple of curmudgeonly cats.

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